Romeo and Juliet - Audio production

Guest lecturers

3 Dean Humphreys   Re-recording Mixer, Sound Editor 4 Jez Riley French Composer, musician (intuitive), artist, field recordist, listener, curator, publisher, lecturer, instrument & specialist audio device builder   5 Emily Wilczek Considerations for experimental work 6 Luke Pickering Assisstant Engineer at the Church Studios 7 Lol Hammond Music Supervisor at Vertigo Films ...

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16TH OCT - create the script, re-watch Romeo and Juliet (1996), Black Hawk Down (2001) for battlefield SFX benchmark (radio communication and soundscape of war/conflict), finish the 15 minute version script W/C 20TH OCT - START RECORDING W/C 27TH OCT - Editing, SFX collecting and mixing W/C 4TH...

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